Vaccine rollout in EU ‘unacceptably slow’ says WHO | COVID Update

The World Health Organization has criticized the speed of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Europe, saying it’s quote – “unacceptably slow”. The number of new cases across the region has increased for the sixth consecutive week, and just ten percent of the European population has been given their first vaccination dose. The warning from the WHO comes as the EU failed to meet its vaccination targets and distribution schedule by the end of March.
Fear and frustration is growing in Germany with coronavirus cases on the rise. Authorities reported nearly 22,000 new infections on Friday, and 232 deaths. Germans have lived in some form of lockdown since last year. DW correspondent Leonie von Hammerstein asked people in Berlin how they would describe the government’s pandemic management.
Thousands of Germans have travelled to the Spanish Island of Mallorca this year for Spring Break. For many it’s an annual tradition. But in the middle of a pandemic, Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against this. Vacationing in times of the coronavirus is controversial, as it is considered a so-called pandemic driver. DW reporter, Jan-Philipp Scholz, finds out from tourists and locals whether all the fun is worth the risk.


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