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Travel into Europe, the current epicenter of the coroanvirus pandemic, is being severely restricted. European Union leaders have agreed on a 30-day ban on travellers entering the bloc. The decision will affect most non-citizens and non-residents of the European Union – with some exceptions. It will be up to each member state to implement the new regulations. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU would do what’s necessary to protect the public’s health and the economy.
European countries aren’t the only ones clamping down on their borders. The United States and Canada, which share the world’s longest land frontier, are working out the details of banning all non-essential travel between the two countries. Australia has declared its first-ever ‘human biosecurity emergency.’ Prime Minister Scott Morrison has advised Australians not to travel abroad. Saudi Arabia, which holds the rotating chair of G-20 countries, says it will convene a video summit next week to coordinate the coronavirus response among the world’s biggest economies. And Japan’s deputy prime minister says holding the Summer Olympics would make ‘no sense’ if countries can’t send athletes.

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